Wild Matches

Wild Matches are the first way to acquire wild Pokemon within the Arena in an controlled environment. The Wild Match is initiated by one or more contestants choosing the map and the difficulty of the match. They are then moving to their arena. There they will be greeted by an assortment of random wild Pokemon for capture and practice. After each successful wave the trainers are given the chance to have basic first aid performed on their Pokemon. They may then choose to continue or end it at that point.

Wild Matches are based on Level and number of waves. Level 1 can have up to 5 waves of Pokemon coming in, Level 2 up to 7, level 3 up to 10, level 4 up to 12, and level 5 up to 15. There are other options to make it more challenging, but they only appear occasionally.

For each wave successfully completed, the contestants are being award a prize money, for the 1st wave 500, 1000 for the second wave, 1500 for the 3rd and 2000 for the 4th, etc, etc for Level 1. So wave number x 500 Poke dollar Level 1. 1000 x Wave for Level 2, 2000 x Wave for level 3, 3000 x Wave for level 4 and finally 5000 x Wave for Level 5.

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