The Forces

The Forces at Work

While the Greater Gods were born to guide the race of man, the Forces of Nature were born from the earth. Some posit they were created by Palkia to tend the world he created, but most likely they are further children of Arceus and Mew, ones who found their calling in the workings of the world rather than the race of man. These gods do not merely rule their pieces of the world, they embody them. They pull the sun and moon across the sky, they are the earth and the sea, and wind and thunder are their cries. They are not merely of the earth, but they are the earth, a division that sometimes puts them at odds with the other gods. Shaymin generally serves as a liaison between the Forces of Nature and the other gods, feeling closer to them than his more conventional siblings.

Ho-oh, the Sun Bird, and Lugia, the Moon Dragon: Beings of the skies, Ho-oh and Lugia are responsible for day and night. Each morning, Ho-oh rises from his nest in the Forgotten Kingdom, clutching the sun in his claws and flying through the sky. When the sun's light has waned he rests, and his brother Lugia takes to the sky with the moon. These gods see all that happens across the seven kingdoms, though little concerns them beyond their own duties. While Lugia is in part responsible for the Dream Weavers' journey each night, Ho-oh is said to be able to raise the dead from Giratina's realm himself, just as he raises the sun from darkness each morning.
Groudon, the Earth, and Kyogre, the Ocean: The earth and the sea bring life and livelihood to the races of man and Pokémon alike; without either, the world would be unfathomably different, and for that both Groudon and Kyogre are highly revered. Groudon carved the mountains to separate the kingdoms; she is most highly revered in Canton, which believes she did so to protect their kingdom and bring ores and other wealth to her people. (They still worship her despite the kingdom falling over five years ago.) Though a fearsome leviathan, Kyogre's waters hold many lives, many Pokémon that both swim the seas and feed the land-dwellers. Though she's cursed as often as she's loved for the many storms her seas bring, both gods rightly enjoy much love, despite interacting little in the world beyond resting in solitude.
Rayquaza, the Sky: The sovereign of the skies is a terrifying, yet incredibly peaceful entity. Highly revered among the Forces of Nature, Rayquaza is solely responsible for keeping the natural order, particularly among the skies. When the earth heaves or the sea thrashes, he watches, ensuring all is well. When the sun and moon eclipse, he is there to sort them out. He constantly feuds with the gods of wind and lightning, ensuring their rages are kept to a minimum whenever possible. When all is well, Rayquaza rests above the clouds… and when all is not well, he descends on the world, and mortals shall know no greater fear than his wrath.
Tornadus, Thundurus and Landorus, the Wrath: Most gods are reasonable beings, creatures of duty and purpose, who have their goals and their followers and tend to them as need be. These gods are not so benevolent. They are wild and untamed, the raw fury of summer storms and winter blizzards, the sheer terror of the quaking earth. They roam the lands, seeking nothing but the pleasure of unleashing their destructive power whenever and however they please. Though Rayquaza keeps them from wreaking pandemonium, even the Sovereign of the Skies cannot keep them entirely in check. Their worshipers are less faithful servants and more fearful followers, trying to appease these beings so that they will turn their focus elsewhere. Pure id, these beings are neither good nor evil, but the chaos of the Forces of Nature incarnate..

The Lesser Gods Dealing

Though no less the sons and daughters of Arceus and Mew, the Lesser Gods' responsibilities are not so large as the Greater Gods and the Forces of Nature. These gods are typically servants of other gods, and only revered as regional deities, or in conjunction with whichever god they serve. Despite being of lesser power, though, they are still great celestial beings, and to be worshiped and feared by any good man.

Articuno, Zapdos and Moltres, the Moon's Trinity: Soaring the skies with the moon each night can be lonely, thankless work. To aid him in his task, Lugia plucked three stars from the sky, and asked the All-Mother to grant them life as though they were her own children. Thus, the Legendary Birds were born. These great and mighty avian entities soar the twilight skies in different regions of the world, clearing the way for the Moon Dragon to pass. They are commonly worshiped in small communities.
Entei, Raikou and Suicine, the Sun's Soldiers: When The Blasphemy led to the razing of the now-Forgotten Kingdom, Meloetta was not the only god in mourning; the royal family had long worshiped the Sun Bird, and Ho-oh wept to see the beautiful kingdom gone. In thanks for the royal family's servings, he sought to bring her soul back from Giratina's realm. He would not part with a queen, but he would spare her personal Pokémon - a Flareon, Jolteon and Vaporeon. Ho-oh took these Pokémon and gave them his blessing, granting them life and power as long as they stood beneath the sun, and turning them to stone when Lugia takes to the sky. In return, they roam the desert, hunting down any who dare trespass into the royal ruins of the Forgotten Kingdom, guided by vague memories of their former home.
Manaphy and Phione, the River and Sea Guardians: Though the ocean is great and wide, it does not encompass the entire watery realm of the land. Seas and rivers dig deep into Groudon's lands, and there are many coves and caves beneath the ocean that Kyogre cannot see. This is where her little sisters come in, Manaphy and Phione. Of smaller size and lesser responsibility, they stick to the rivers, seas, lakes, creeks and shallow waters, reporting back to Kyogre of the happenings in these lesser areas, so she may remain appraised of the world below the waters.
Cobalion, Terrakion, Virizion and Keldeo, the Swords of Justice: Though Victini is the embodiment of victory in war, he is not the only warrior born of Arceus and Mew. The Swords of Justice embody the noble virtues of combat: The experienced Cobalion, the formidable Terrakion, the skilled Virizion and the youthful and idealistic Keldeo. Though they were personally trained in the art of war by Victini, at some point their paths split: The Swords faced Victini at combat, who managed to defeat all four students still, yet went into a self-imposed exile in the mortal world soon after. The Swords remain loyal to their father and carry out his will, even (and almost especially) when it causes them to clash with the race of man. The Swords of Justice are both honored and feared, the ideal of every knight and the bane of any human who crosses their path.
Celebi, the Traveler: Time has always been the shiniest plaything for many a wizard and sorcerer. The idea of traveling to the future to enjoy the luxuries and wealth it brings, or changing the past to suit one's own needs, is far too tempting for men of power to ignore. Dialga faced this problem herself as clever men began to subvert the flow of time, creating eddies and whirlpools that threatened the world itself, and she begged Mew to create a servant to help her guard against such intrusion. Thus, Celebi was born, a small being who darts in and out of the river of time, watching for those denying its natural passage and alerting Dialga when her interference is needed. Only one exists, as with all gods, but because of the nature of her being there appear to be many, as dozens may exist in a single point in time.
Jirachi, the Wishing Star: None quite know the true purpose the Wishing Star. Like Celebi, Jirachi is a special assistant to Dialga, a sleeping star in the night sky that can slip between the realms created by Palkia as he pleases. Legend says that when Jirachi falls from the sky, the first human it meets will receive a single blessing beyond their greatest dreams… though there are no known recording of Jirachi falling, many historians theorize various phenomena in the past may have been the result of his blessing.

The Titans

Not all gods are beings worth of worship. Throughout history, great beings came into existance on their own, without the aid of the All-Father and All-Mother, and sought to undo the world the First Gods had so carefully crafted. Many such beings were destroyed by the All-Father, but some were merely locked away - either they could not be destroyed, or the All-Mother begged mercy from the All-Father, or some other scenario sentenced them to an eternity sealed away from mortal eyes.

Regigas and the Golems, the Titans: The most famous of the Titans were the first: Regigas, a great and terrible god of the earth, and his brood of golems, crafted by Regigas from the elements of the world. Regigas was born from the latent creation magic when Palkia crafted the world, and the first men bowed down and worshiped these golems instead of the gods, confusing power for divine power. These golems did not possess the wisdom of the gods, however, and turned on the humans. Fearing for his creation, Arceus and Mew created Victini the Warrior, a creature strong enough to slay the Titans and lock them deep beneath the mountains south of the Forgotten Kingdom.485.gif
Heatran, the Core: Much like the titans, Heatran is a creature born from the latent creation magic of the world. Before the world was brought together as it is now known, the creation magic escaped Palkia's control and ran wild, grievously wounding Palkia and Dialga, and nearly undoing the entire world before it was created. For the first and only time, it was the All-Mother who stopped the horrid, angry, all-consuming elemental force, reaching out to the beast with her motherly love and calming it, just long enough for Arceus and the other gods to seal it within the center of the world they were creating. The beast now slumbers far, far below the earth; they say the Canton miners only stop digging when their tunnels grow too warm, and they hear growls coming from below…
[b]Uxie, Mesprit and Azelf, the Lake Guardians:Not even the All-Mother is free from sin. In the early days of man, the All-Mother was happy with Arceus' creation, watching how they loved and cared for one another and for her own children tenderly. But they were also a people burdened. Courage was admirable, but it brought pain upon man, often unnecessarily. Emotions led to great caring but also great and terrible pain. Knowledge made their livers fuller and richer, but also caused them undue burden. So behind the All-Fathers back, she [ooc=created…a few say through congress with the End-Father, though any who disrespect the All-Mother so crudely are quick to silence themselves or lose their tongue.the Lake Guardians, creatures meant to guard people from their excess of courage, emotions and knowledge. It worked too well: Whenever the creatures spoke to, or touched, or looked upon man, they took those virtues from them entirely, leaving them empty shells. Furious, the All-Father tried to destroy them, but the All-Mother couldn't bear to let him destroy her children, no matter how wrong they might be. Instead they were imprisoned in deep, hidden undersea coves, where no man shall ever unleash them.[/spoiler

The Unknown

Mewtwo, Deoxys and Genesect, the Unknown: Quite simply, these creatures are not known to the Seven Kingdoms, be it by man, Pokémon or god. Should they exist, it would be truly unusual and extraordinary.

The Unown Hivemind: Another creature that has no right to exist, but as recent events show, clearly does. None know who these creatures are, what alphabet they seem to be styled after, or what purpose they have. What is known is that there are many, and they seem to share a consciousness, strangely enough. Somewhere, tucked away in a realm known only to Palkia, more must exist… but even the greatest scholars are baffled by their existence.

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