The Arena

Eon's Arena is a behemoth of an architectural construct. It is composed of a base level, a hexagonal block of 40 foot height (12 Meters) and a side length of exactly 300 feet in length, and seven towers. Six of the towers are placed on the edges of the base level measuring 50 feet in diameter and 600 feet high, they mostly house the various academic and private rooms, libraries, medical facilities and laboratories. The last tower is placed exactly in the middle of the base level and reaches 1200 feet into the heavens, it's exclusively filled with arenas and medical facilities and is the only area easily accessed by outsiders, as spectators and press need access to the tribunes and lofty spectator balconies. The base level houses Registration, the Cafeteria, the Large Library and the Auditorium.

What makes the arena remarkable beyond it's size is the choice of material, a dark blue stone, similar to marble but much harder, interspersed by green lines of so called "Hi-Wire". Hi-Wire are the source of energy transport, from electricity to hot water, gas and other such. It's extremely resilient, conductive, and near fool-proofed. All maintenance must be carried out by Ghost and Psychic Type pokemon, as no other Type can interact with the Hi-Wires or the sturdy rock. The rock has been named Carolus Lazuli, and it appears only in the area of Carolus Island, which local residents take as proof for their legend that the gods gifted Carolus this rock to accomplish his goal. Another oddity is the craftsmanship, it seems that not only are the corner towers "newer", they were also made differently, more like normal building by building blocks on top of each other, while the central tower seems to be carved from a single giant piece of Carolus Lazuli, with smooth, seamless walls and perfectly straight Hi-Wires, where as the small towers have criss-crossing wires.

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