The Academy

The Arena of Eon Academy (AEA) was created nearly 80 years ago by the Chairwoman Regina von Sinnen in an attempt to "breed" excellent combatants for the arena to present and market. She established the Academy to ensure excellency, media capability, and skill with Pokemon alike, sending prospecting students through comprehensive training. It was a campaign to make the arena attractive again while allowing students to remain adept for their future paths in society, and until now it worked. The arena is so popular that they have established their own TV station from which to host all their Battles. It has gotten so large, contestants are being paid prize money for their victories, a cut from the sponsors and such. The most frequent show is the "Wild Match Mayhem" show, that runs daily multiple times, essentially every time someone chooses to participate in a Wild Match.

The Academy's main goal is still to make good contestants, thus academic success isn't *as* important as one could assume, and there is some lenience for certain promising trainers. Currently the Arena is headed by Director Johan Auel, the 10th Headmaster of the Arena, a free spirited man of his early 30's, and still an active trainer who still takes on challenges. He is aided by his assistant Geoffry Ranguil, the serious, level-headed control factor to Auel, as Auel alone would make silly decisions. Most bureaucratic decisions and organization is handled by Ranguil.

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