Syrados, The Lofty King

Syrados, also called the Lofty King, the Sun's Ire, and the Storm of Souls, carries the task to give the Souls living a purpose, a goal to strive for. He comes after Cyka gave birth to the soul and before she can gives death, relying on Blaya to give a place for the Soul to exist. His existence interacts only in minor ways with the work of his twin Syrenos, but still they loath one another, perhaps because of that lack of connection.

Syrados is the embodiment of the Sky, he is the blazing sun and the stars in the night sky. He embodies the vigorous summer with the bright radiance of the sun instilling life into the lands. He stands for the youthful adult, still full of energy and ready to take on any challenges.

He lords over the Elements Light, Thunder, and Wind and rules them with a firm grasp, rallying the factions to strive towards a more glorious future. His favor his hard to gain, and his ire is proportionally easy to invoke, making him a difficult entity to deal with. In addition he is prideful and vain. In contrast he is very active when his subjects run into difficulties they can not handle, and his miracles are perhaps the most plentiful, his lands are among the most harmonious internally, striving to meet a common ideal.

His hatred for his twin brother Syrenos can most likely be explained in the opposite mentalities these deities exhibit. Syrados thrives in struggle and opposition, seeking a challenge and crushing it with determination. He won't care that the path ahead is treacherous, he would walk it anyway. Some acclaim him of shortsightedness, but few would dare do it in his domain.

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