Lighthouse Island

Far away, across the waves and clouds, lies an untouched haven of nature, a monument of beauty and mystery. The Lighthouse Island, as it was called when it was first seen by mortal Sailors, is a massive atoll, a "ring island", you could call it a caldera of the oceans. Only this atoll not only exceeds the size of all previously known atolls, but also sports a name giving land mark, a pillar of white rock, towering high above the atoll and the ocean. It is a structure of titanic size and pristine beauty, shining brilliantly over the waves in light, and gleaming like a beacon at night.

This beautiful island world is home to many habitats and creatures, all but one can be found there. But that very one has taken a liking to this world, and seeks to make it a home, a home for Humans, a home on the Lighthouse Island, for god and king. You, brave adventurer, are part of the first wave of explorers and settlers, bushwhackers and hunters, the first humans to set foot upon this Pokemon sanctuary in the sea. Your task is to not only establish a safe and successful port town, but also to claim the island in the name of your country, for the sake of god and it's subjects.


Rough over view of the Lighthouse Island. Map by SinGin (Me)

To understand the unique feature that is Lighthouse Island, it is necessary to understand the creation of an atoll. In ancient past a volcano erupted on the ocean floor powerfully enough to build a mountain above the surface. In some cases this would create an island, but most are corroded away, ground to dust by currents and storms. As it slowly erodes away, the volcano provides a base for corals to attach to, a hint of a ring, the future atoll, can be seen at this stage. While wind and water still carry away the volcano, the corals grow in size, the ring widens while the lagoon in the center becomes deeper and larger. Eventually it will fill the whole center of the atoll. At some point the volcano has corroded back beneath the waves, but not without providing a piece of ground to grow for corals, which in turn provide a place for sand and dirt to gather. With the years the amount of dirt and sand is enough to form a beach at the top of the atoll, a true ring is now formed, and eventually palm trees will grow here, supported by the corals that grow on top of the sunken volcano.

What differentiates Lighthouse Island is the massive pillar of volcanic rock, testament of the raw power of the primordial eruption that has formed the island. The pillar is close to 8 miles in height, with a width of 9 miles at the sea level which tapers to a final width of approximately 2 miles. The whole atoll has been estimated to be about 50 or more miles in diameter, with the land part being just under 9 miles.

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