The element of light is shared by creatures that shun the night and darkness, that thrive in light of the sun and barely register the glaring radiance. It is also one of the few elements with a proper hierarchical system of power, a proper government and unified systems. As such it is also one of the more technological advanced elements. The rolling plains that make up most of the Light Elements domain feed it's many cities, in late summer the waves of wheat sway in the wind, coloring the fertile land in gold, like the sun's very light took root on the ground.

As an industrious nation, the Light Element is constantly seeking to expand it's borders, annexing more fertile land to feed the ever growing masses of it's realm. True sovereignty is only granted to Syrados, the Lofty King, forbidding the current Empress to call herself Empress in title, as such are reserved to the god. Never the less, the people revere her just as they would revere an empress.

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