Inei - Clay Pyramid

Name: Inei
Age: 22
Height: 5'11"
Weight: 150 (4)

Level: 5
Trainer EXP: 0/10

Physical Evasion: +1
Special Evasion: +1
Speed Evasion: +3

HP: 62/62
Injuries: 0
AP: 6/6
HP 14
Attack 8
Defense 8
Special Attack 5
Special Defense 5
Speed 15
BODY (Fabulous) +5
Acrobatics Novice (3) Intimidate Untrained (2)
Athletics Novice (3) Stealth Adept (4)
Combat Untrained (3) Survival Adept (4)
MIND (Fair) +1
General Pathetic (1) Pokemon Pathetic (1)
Medicine Pathetic (1) Technology Pathetic (1)
Occult Pathetic (1)
Perception Novice (3) Guile Untrained (2))
SPIRIT (Poor) -1
Charm Untrained (2) Focus Untrained (2)
Command Untrained (2) Intuition Untrained (2)
Overland 6 Power 7
High Jump 0 Long Jump X1
~ Background: [Wild Child]
Maybe you were raised by Mightyenas. Or maybe you just had lousy parents. Or maybe you just survived on Mt.Silver
Rank Up: Acrobatics, Athletics, Stealth, Survival
Rank Down: All Education Skills

Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
[Rock Smash] [At-Will] [2] [Fighting] [DB4 - 1d8+5] [Physical] [Melee, 1 Target] [Rock Smash lowers target's Defense by -1 CS when rolling 17+ on AC]
[Astonish] [At-Will] [2] [Ghost] [DB3 - 1d6+5] [Physical] [Melee, 1 Target] [Astonish Flinches the target on 15+. Once per scene, if the target is unaware of the user’s presence, Astonish automatically Flinches the target.]
[Move Name] [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Range Keywords] [Effects]
Name Freq Effect


Overland X
Swim X
High Jump X
Long Jump X
Power X
Intelligence X

Name: Gender / Species Type: ??? Tutor Points: X/X
Level X, X0 EXP Held Item: HP: XX/XX Injuries: 0
Ability Usage Special Effect
[Ability Name] [Usage] [Effect]
- - -
??? Nature (+??, -??)
Stat Base Added Value
Hit Points X +Y Z
Attack X +Y Z
Defense X +Y Z
Special Attack X +Y Z
Special Defense X +Y Z
Speed X +Y Z
Athletics Acrobatics Combat Stealth Perception Focus
Xd6 Xd6 Xd6 Xd6 Xd6 Xd6
Improvements / Edges
Source TP Cost Effect
[Edge] [X] [Effect]


Name Freq AC Type Damage Range Special Effect
[Move Name] [Freq] [AC] [Type] [Damage] [Category] [Range] [Effects]
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