The Arena of eons, the monument of timeless glory, the pinnacle of a tradition as old as humanity. The coliseum was to many nations and civilization an important part of their recreation, pitting captured soldiers, criminals and slaves alike against each other or wild beasts to entertain the masses and pray for mercy. Most of them fell to the inglorious fate of dying before an audience of jeering and laughing spectators. The shape in which such arena battles were held has changed, from trampled patches of grass, to sand filled pits, over to the grand architectural behemoths of ancient times, and finally the modern arena in which (mostly) harmless challenges are held.

The more the connection of humans to Pokemon grew, the greater became the need to contain the battles, disperse the energies in meaningful ways. No one knows with what technology it was possible to build such a monument as the Eon Arena, or how the "Cloud's Crown" was created, but everyone agrees that it is the largest out there. To this day the large complex stands tall on Carolus Island, overseeing the world like a Lighthouse of Battle. To this day it has continued to be a beacon for ambitious Pokemon Trainers, each trying to become the King of the arena, fighting in the Cloud's Crown themselves.

Today the need for arenas is as great as in times past, as more and more people find their way to Pokemon, and with them to battling for various reasons. And exactly for those people arenas exist, so that they may battle with other ambitious trainers to test their mettle, earn money, or ascend new heights of skill. But besides that the arena also offers an Academy to school young people in the use of Pokemon, how to take care of them, the rules of battle, and other skills necessary for the future in the arena.

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The Arena

The Academy



Rank Challenges

Wild Matches


Additional Rules

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