Cyka, the Primal Primordial

Cyka is the Bringer and Taker of life, the birth and death of the world, called the Cruel Mother, and the Nurturer of Strive, she is a goddess of Balance and Growth. Within the "Path of Souls" She stands at the birth and at the death of the soul, bridging the path from Syrados to Syrenos, a mediator between the realms. As a being based on Balance, she holds none of the other gods in particular favor or disfavor, one could say she was uncaring, but it would be part of her nature, for she is Mistress of the Hunters.

Cyka governs the Elements of Life, Death and Fire, the least harmonious interaction of elements in the world. Still she manages to balance these Primal Forces against one another, ensuring good conduct in the world. Cyka embodies the Youth and the Venerability of life, she is the land that feeds the inhabitants and feeds upon them. In her domain nothing is for free, and no deed or word goes unanswered.

Cyka spends most of her time ensuring balance between her three elements. Especially between the Death and Life. She deals with struggles swiftly and directly, not giving much sympathy or mercy. That isn't to say that Cyka is cruel, her compassion is reserved for those promoting peace and balance.

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