Biotopes are the second way graduates can augment their team by going into the field and meet Pokemon in their territory. This method is more dangerous, but skilled pathfinders can ensure that they find the Pokemon they wanted to find. The Biotopes are a series of artificial islands, each containing a specified habitat, each being home to Pokemon species that make such an environment their home.

The various Biotopes are as such:

  • Beach
  • Cave
  • Desert
  • Forest
  • Lake Side
  • Plains
  • Swamps
  • Mountains
  • Ocean
  • Rainforest
  • Arctic
  • Urban
  • Canyon
  • Mine
  • Ruins
  • Tomb
  • Castle
  • City

Pokemon within the Biotopes are wild and uncontrolled, thus they are much dangerous than the Wild Matches, but the yield could be much greater. After graduation contestants may enter the Biotopes.

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