Beyond War

This setting has a quite interesting story of why it was created. When I was a young Teenager, around 12 or 13, I spent absurd amounts of money on TCG's, Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh!, Duelmasters, Pokemon, you name it. Like we are talking ABSURD money. Well, to cut this embarrassing story short, my mother tossed all my cards away, and forbid me from ever buying new cards.

Well, I thought in my room sad over the loss of my hobby, she said buy no more new cards…but what if I made new cards? My own Cards?

What followed where a series of drafts that were thrashed VERY quickly, until I struck, as I perceived it, gold. Beyond War. A mix of Board Game (Actually, Lego) and a Card Game. Peppered with some War Game elements, which I didn't participate in back then (Thank God, else who knows how much money I would have spent).

This here is just an anecdote to give you an idea where the setting comes from, and will have little bearing on the stories and information of it. I have primarily designed this setting to be used with Greg Stolze's One Roll Engine, but as all story material it can be used easily with all other Systems as well. All it takes is a little Phantasy.

Without further ado, here it is.

The Creation

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