Additional Rules

I am thinking of a system for Play-by-Post games, where every Contestant has a number of points to spend during a week of "Real Life" to one day of "Game Time", I am thinking of 6 points or so.

  • Training: 1
  • Shopping: 1
  • Healing: 1
  • Crafting: 1
  • Breeding: 1
  • Trading: 1
  • Grooming: 1
  • Move Tutor: 1
  • Nature Change: 1
  • Expert Training: 1
  • Taming: 1
  • Contest: 2
  • Battling: 2
  • Resting: Variable
  • PC Interaction: Free!
  • Photo Shoot: 1
  • Biotope Visit: 5
  • Wild Match: 4

*Credits for this system above go to Arcran and Thrice.

This setting was first developed for PTA, though it won't be posing much opposition when using PTU for it.
Also I would suggest for Play-by-Post games that you develop a way for other people to GM the "Wild Matches". I had a way of rolling a random assortment of Wild Pokemon, this will help the main GM greatly, and will keep players occupied. Since the rules and rewards are essentially self running, that works pretty well.

Level Ranges:

Level 1 1d6+6
Level 2 1d8+16
Level 3 2d8+24
Level 4 2d12+30
Level 5 2d12+45

Wild Challenge Level 1:

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